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S5:E12 - Long Term Parking

Gavin and Hannibal work their way through an episode that no true ‘Sopranos’ fan will ever forget. This is the one where they get back together. This is the one where a new King of New York is crowned. This is the one where she dies. This is ‘Long Term Parking,’ and it’s the ultimate penultimate season chapter. Your hosts break down the rapid fire plot developments that lead to Chris and Ade’s moment of truth, and how that moment is a conclusive statement on our main characters’ twisted pursuit of the American dream.

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S2:E8 - Full Leather Jacket

The major developments in this hour of TV are so numerous, they’re almost hard to keep track of. Gavin and Hannibal share their takes on the least romantic marriage proposal of all time, Carmela in gangster mode, Sean’s disgusting burglary ritual, the unexpected turn of events that cap the episode, and last but definitely not least, “the jackettttttt.”

You know... the jackeeeet!

You know... the jackeeeet!

S2:E7 - D-Girl

D-Girl is definitely one of the more intentionally silly Sopranos episodes. That doesn’t make it bad though! Gavin and Hannibal discuss this cameo rich sendup of Hollywood culture and the philosophical crossroads that greet AJ, Big Pussy, and Christopher.

S2:E5 - Big Girls Don't Cry

It’s debatable which character the title refers to and Chris’ acting subplot unfortunately prompts Gavin to relive unhappy memories of drama classes past. Still, this episode is another great one, filled with classic moments of rage, violence and tears. It also marks The Sopranos scripting debut of Hannibal’s favorite series staff writer, Terence Winter!

Tony gives an A for durability.

Tony gives an A for durability.

S2:E3 - Toodle-F**king-Oo

It’s funny how a new character can alter the overall character of an entire series. The introduction of Richie Aprile presents Gavin and Hannibal with much to discuss as they analyze what makes him so extraordinarily terrifying. They also address Meadow’s powers of manipulation and of course, whether or not “toodle-oo” is an acceptable form of “goodbye.”

S1:E10 - A Hit is a Hit

‘A Hit is a Hit’ is a rare miss for The Sopranos. Nevertheless, Gavin and Hannibal have fun discussing what is easily their least favorite episode of Season 1. Though it has a few bright spots, Episode 10 is a real case study in how low stakes, plot holes and curious wardrobe choices can make for a disappointing viewing experience!

The W.C. Fields video mashup that Gavin felt we all need to watch.