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S3:E8 - He Is Risen

At times, this one feels like an old Western, which it turns out, is the perfect way to frame the escalating conflict between Tony and Ralphie. Gavin and Hannibal examine the way “He is Risen” depicts the dangers of petty social insults in the mob world, as well as the episode’s approach to subtly introducing a major new character, not long before hilariously killing off an established one.

S3:E6 - University

‘University,' as Gavin and Hannibal point out, is brilliantly structured in the way it weaves together the contrasting experiences of the two young women central to its plot. Your hosts also bid good riddance to Noah (yeah he didn’t deserve Tony’s racism, but c’mon he’s really annoying), and commend the series’ overall willingness to go to the dark but honest places other shows won’t.