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S3:E7 - Second Opinion

Gavin and Hannibal agree that ‘Second Opinion’ is a welcome respite from the brutality depicted in the several episodes leading up to it. Driven largely by the always brilliant Edie Falco and Dominic Chianese, this midpoint of Season 3 is thematically filled with threats, warnings, and a fairly decent share of comedy, courtesy of ‘kinky’ (HBO’s word, not ours), Paulie.


S3:E6 - University

‘University,' as Gavin and Hannibal point out, is brilliantly structured in the way it weaves together the contrasting experiences of the two young women central to its plot. Your hosts also bid good riddance to Noah (yeah he didn’t deserve Tony’s racism, but c’mon he’s really annoying), and commend the series’ overall willingness to go to the dark but honest places other shows won’t.