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S6A:E12 - Kaisha

Once you realize what the title of this episode references, it’s hard not to see it as the funniest title of the series. Gavin and Hannibal wrap up Season 6A with a discussion that touches upon the successes and failures of the season overall, the plausibility of AJ’s new romance, and why Tony’s “every day is a gift” philosophy is difficult to maintain when one is part of the mob.

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S3:E7 - Second Opinion

Gavin and Hannibal agree that ‘Second Opinion’ is a welcome respite from the brutality depicted in the several episodes leading up to it. Driven largely by the always brilliant Edie Falco and Dominic Chianese, this midpoint of Season 3 is thematically filled with threats, warnings, and a fairly decent share of comedy, courtesy of ‘kinky’ (HBO’s word, not ours), Paulie.


S2:E8 - Full Leather Jacket

The major developments in this hour of TV are so numerous, they’re almost hard to keep track of. Gavin and Hannibal share their takes on the least romantic marriage proposal of all time, Carmela in gangster mode, Sean’s disgusting burglary ritual, the unexpected turn of events that cap the episode, and last but definitely not least, “the jackettttttt.”

You know... the jackeeeet!

You know... the jackeeeet!

S2:E7 - D-Girl

D-Girl is definitely one of the more intentionally silly Sopranos episodes. That doesn’t make it bad though! Gavin and Hannibal discuss this cameo rich sendup of Hollywood culture and the philosophical crossroads that greet AJ, Big Pussy, and Christopher.