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S2:E11 - House Arrest

Hannibal’s favorite Sopranos writer is back to deliver one of Gavin’s favorite Season 2 episodes. ‘House Arrest’ is very strong in the character arc department, taking Tony, Junior and Melfi on significant and at times subtle, emotional journeys. This one also gives us the “official” term for Richie’s unblinking stare, more priceless reactions from Bobby Baccala, and Gavin’s amusement at Hannibal’s “appreciation” of older women. 

S2:E10 - Bust Out

This episode stands out in strange ways. Maybe, as Gavin and Hannibal observe, it’s the fact that we see Tony in a state of fear and desperation for the first time, or it could simply be that this is our first Green-Burgess penned episode without a proper family dinner scene! Whatever the case may be, ‘Bust Out’ works well and quietly sets up the final act of Season 2.

S2:E9 - From Where To Eternity

Gavin and Hannibal journey down to the underworld with Chris, analyzing all the humor, terror and existential crises that cast regular (and first time Sopranos writer) Michael Imperioli, mines in this rollercoaster ride of an episode. Plus your hosts share their excitement over last weeks’s huge and unexpected Sopranos announcement!