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S3:E12 - Amour Fou

In a trademark Sopranos move, the penultimate episode of the season comes fully loaded with thrilling moments of climax and catharsis. Gavin and Hannibal’s latest discussion centers on the incredibly well executed script by Frank Renzulli (his last for the series), which contains scenes that specifically give actors James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Joe Pantoliano and Annabella Sciorra, ample opportunity to put the full breadth of their talents on display.

S3:E11 - Pine Barrens

Gavin and Hannibal almost get lost in the woods raving about ‘Pine Barrens,’ arguably the most popular episode of The Sopranos, and one that is a source of endless fascination to its fans. Flawlessly directed by Steve Buscemi, and featuring one of Tony Sirico’s all time great performances as Paulie, this is a landmark chapter of the series filled with tension, hilarity, mystery, and a Russian that just won’t die... or did he?

S1:E7 - Down Neck

‘Down Neck’ finds Tony taking a trip down memory lane. Of course if you’re Tony Soprano ‘memory lane’ involves being 8 years old and witnessing your dad beating the crap out of a guy that owes money, your mom threatening to stick a fork in your eye, and a clown named ‘Clarabell’ in handcuffs. Gavin and Hannibal pour over an episode filled with amazingly well cast flashback sequences, stand out comedic beats from Robert Iler, and killer placement of Jefferson Airplane’s coolest song.

S1:E4 - Meadowlands

"Meadowlands" prompts Gavin and Hannibal's first disagreement about The Sopranos! The fascinating fourth episode of the series features a dream (or two?), a significant transfer of power in the family, and the moment AJ Soprano realizes that his dad is a gangster. G & H also get into the coolness of the show's costume choices, and the legendary heavy breathing of James Gandolfini.

S1:E2 - 46 Long

Two down, eighty-four to go! In this episode, Gavin and Hannibal talk the second episode of Season 1, “46 Long.” The one and only episode of the series that features a pre credits teaser, sees Tony confronting his feelings of ambivalence towards Livia, Christopher’s misguided attempts to gain respect, and Paulie Walnuts’ hatred of coffee shop chains. G & H also discuss the ABCs of TV storytelling and correct Gavin's excitement of a big non-cameo in only the second episode of the series.

S1:E1 - Pilot

From ducks, to depression, to degenerate gamblers, Gavin and Hannibal cover the themes, key scenes, best lines and notable creative choices that make the pilot such a fitting introduction to the world of The Sopranos.