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S1:E13 - I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano

Gavin and Hannibal may have gone a little overboard with this one, as they bring you nearly 90 minutes of podcast glory talking about the spectacularly climactic Season 1 finale. So many questions! Is Livia genuinely going senile, or is this simply her most devious chess move yet? Is Jimmy really a rat? Does Tony actually care about Artie deep down, or is he just a sociopath? Your hosts will “remember the little moments like this, that were good,” and more, on this week’s The Sopranos Show!

S1:E11 - Nobody Knows Anything

It’s the beginning of the end for Season 1! Gavin and Hannibal admire this well plotted episode which features a stand out performance from John Heard, a tense but funny showdown between Paulie and Pussy, and intriguing layers of ambiguity.

S1:E10 - A Hit is a Hit

‘A Hit is a Hit’ is a rare miss for The Sopranos. Nevertheless, Gavin and Hannibal have fun discussing what is easily their least favorite episode of Season 1. Though it has a few bright spots, Episode 10 is a real case study in how low stakes, plot holes and curious wardrobe choices can make for a disappointing viewing experience!

The W.C. Fields video mashup that Gavin felt we all need to watch.

S1:E5 - College

"College" is a landmark episode of The Sopranos. Probably the most adored chapter of Season 1, it received widespread acclaim from fans and critics and won the series its first Primetime Emmys. So what is it that makes "College" just so damned good? Gavin and Hannibal will try to break it down...

A nice bit of physical comedy from Gandolfini to bookend this episode.

A nice bit of physical comedy from Gandolfini to bookend this episode.

S1:E3 - Denial, Anger, Acceptance

There's a lot to unpack in this one, as Tony grieves over the declining health of his friend, acting boss, Jackie Aprile. "Denial, Anger, Acceptance" features a number of good matchups: Silvio and Paulie vs. a Hasidic motel manager,  Carmela vs. Charmaine, and Meadow vs. high stakes academic pressure. Gavin and Hannibal explore it all and much more in Episode 3 of The Sopranos Show!

S1:E2 - 46 Long

Two down, eighty-four to go! In this episode, Gavin and Hannibal talk the second episode of Season 1, “46 Long.” The one and only episode of the series that features a pre credits teaser, sees Tony confronting his feelings of ambivalence towards Livia, Christopher’s misguided attempts to gain respect, and Paulie Walnuts’ hatred of coffee shop chains. G & H also discuss the ABCs of TV storytelling and correct Gavin's excitement of a big non-cameo in only the second episode of the series.

S1:E1 - Pilot

From ducks, to depression, to degenerate gamblers, Gavin and Hannibal cover the themes, key scenes, best lines and notable creative choices that make the pilot such a fitting introduction to the world of The Sopranos.