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S3:E11 - Pine Barrens

Gavin and Hannibal almost get lost in the woods raving about ‘Pine Barrens,’ arguably the most popular episode of The Sopranos, and one that is a source of endless fascination to its fans. Flawlessly directed by Steve Buscemi, and featuring one of Tony Sirico’s all time great performances as Paulie, this is a landmark chapter of the series filled with tension, hilarity, mystery, and a Russian that just won’t die... or did he?

S3:E10 - To Save Us All From Satan's Power

In our first Yuletide set Sopranos episode, we get several revealing flashbacks in which Tony is haunted by ghosts of Christmas past. As Gavin and Hannibal observe, “To Save Us All From Satan’s Power” displays tremendous depth in its approach to referencing past events, and setting up future ones. It also gives insight into how mobsters emotionally process the experience of being betrayed by one of their own.